Your wedding day is about a week away! You may have been planning this special day for months or even more than a year. Well my dear, you are at the final stretch. You will soon be enjoying life as Mr. & Mrs. in the very near future! To help keep you organized, we’ve come up with a Wedding Day Checklist. Have your maid or matron of honor keep this close so that she could keep your bridal tribe in charge of these! This way you can thoroughly enjoy every sweet and special moment on your Wedding Day!

Because we love you so much, download the checklist PDF here!

⦁ Bride’s Ring
⦁ Wedding Gown
⦁ Bride’s Accessories – Jewelry, Garter, Undergarments
⦁ Groom’s Ring
⦁ Groom’s Tuxedo
⦁ Groom’s Accessories – Cufflinks, Bowtie, Socks
⦁ Marriage License
⦁ Vows
⦁ Ceremony Notes
⦁ Guest Book
⦁ Candle Lighter Before Ceremony
⦁ Collect and secure the gifts after the ceremony and/or transfer the Gifts to the Reception
⦁ Transport gifts to Bride & Groom’s home
⦁ Check Bride & Groom in to their hotel room for ceremony evening
⦁ Payment for Vendors
⦁ Gratuity Envelopes for Vendors
⦁ Distribution of Bouquets
⦁ Distribution of Boutonnieres
⦁ Bride’s Emergency Kit – Aspirin, Deoderant, Tissues
⦁ Your Something Borrowed & Blue
⦁ Have Your Reception Location Box Bride & Groom Dinner in case they don’t eat!
⦁ Bridemaid Gifts
⦁ Groomsmen Gifts
⦁ Vendor Contact List & Arrival Timeline