Congratulations!  You are officially married! You’ve taken the plunge and thoroughly enjoyed your honeymoon.  Now you’re back and ready to make all the necessary and legal changes! You’re so excited, right?  Can you feel my sarcasm? 😉 For most, this is not the most fun part because there’s lots of paperwork.  But once you are done my friend, you are done and can celebrate! Here’s my list of 20 things to remember to do if they are applicable to you!

  1. Bring or send your marriage license in fully filled out! Make sure you do not miss any signatures!
  2. Once you receive your marriage license back from your county, start with the Social Security Administration. This change can take over 24 hours sometimes, so make sure your ducks are in line!
  3. Make an appointment for your new Driver’s License
  4. Once your license is updated, then you could change your bank accounts. (Don’t change bank accounts before your license! Major headaches will follow!)
  5. Update your work, benefits, 401ks, other investment accounts
  6. Update your home mortgage, landlords, etc.
  7. Update your information with your credit cards. Some of them will need an original marriage certificate so read the requirements carefully.
  8. Licensed anywhere? Make sure to contact those offices to determine what they require for the name or status change.
  9. Update your passport
  10. Update your voter registration-many times this can be automatic after you visit your DMV.
  11. Update Doctor’s Offices
  12. Update Professional Organizations
  13. Utilities
  14. Update your auto insurance
  15. Change Loyalty Clubs/Memberships
  16. Change your voicemail!
  17. Update your Will
  18. Update any subscriptions
  19. Research ring insurance
  20. Update Social media pages. After all, that’s what makes it official, right? 😉

Hope this helps!