…happy & fulfilled being herself.

…has that sunshine in her pocket and got that good song in her feet!

…sees her Wedding Day filled with classic and elegant touches.

…doesn’t let anyone dull her sparkle!

…is stubborn about her goals, but flexible about her methods.

…knows it’s a good day to have a good day!

…is a breathe of fresh air and a positive thinker.

…smiles and says hello to strangers.

Our Philosophy

We believe in creating a bond with our soon to be Mrs. & Mr.’s! We’re more than just about the pictures. We’re about you and celebrating where you are at this time in your life. Love & marriage are incredible gifts that you share with someone that is the closest that someone has ever been to you. It’s a very special step and we are so honored to be a part of our Bride & Groom’s lives and special day! And of course, it is our absolute pleasure and dream to help capture your beautiful memories for your lifetime and lifetimes to come. You deserve dazzling images and you deserve a magnificent photographic experience. When our clients feel comfortable and cozy being themselves in front of the camera, the results are fabulous and our mission has been accomplished! Our goal is to have a fun, natural and pleasant experience!

Everyone has a why, a story or a mission. Some have already found it and others are still seeking. We know our why. I’m a big believer in bonds. I find that my strongest relationships are those that I know I have full trust in them with anything and I will not be let down. During the months leading up to and on your Wedding Day, I am another friend of yours and a confidant you have that you can trust to serve you, genuinely. I am in love with love and I am so excited to celebrate yours!


A Bride and Groom should connect with their photographer and be excited to work together! We sure will be!

Once you book with us, we’re off to creating the best photographic experience for you! Our Engagement Session is our perfect opportunity to strengthen that bond!  We love to get to know our soon to be Mr. & Mrs. and help them to warm up to the camera, get familiar working together and just have fun so we’re set to have a blast on your wedding day! When we see our clients on their wedding day, we feel more like friends which creates a beautiful environment for photography!

If this sounds like what you have dreamed of for your wedding day, you are without question, an FF Bride.



I've had several photo shoots with Franchesca and she is fantastic!!! She is professional and courteous and I absolutely love working with her on projects. I especially love the fact she listens to her clients. I highly recommend Franchesca Fread Photography for your photography needs.
- Leslie Ann Fisher


Franchesca has done several photo shoots for me including professional portraits; live seminar photos; swimsuits; wedding; maternity; and now another portrait shoot for a book. SHE NEVER FAILS ME!!! She is more than a point and shoot photographer. She has an artistic vision of her own and given the freedom to do what she does best, she ALWAYS delivers incredible photos. Thanks for being so awesome Franchesca!!!
- Mindie Molina


Franchesca is amazing, love her work. Thank you for the great pictures!
- Jannine Rios


Franchesca Fread Photography has the most amazing photography that I've seen. Their work is absolutely beautiful and anyone that has ever used them has nothing but great things to say. I will always recommend Franchesca to anyone who is looking for a fantastic photographer. Not only for their professionalism but for their artistry.
- Jessica Melendez