The good ol’ days of prospective homeowners driving by a home of interest to check it out after picking up a magazine at their local supermarket are few and far in between.  The internet is here and it is here to stay! Data collected by the National Association of Realtors suggests that 92% of prospective homeowners search online for their new home.  Not surprisingly, almost 90% of those prospective homeowners valued the photographs in the online listings as very important in their searches.

My husband and I purchased our first home together in February 2018.  We searched online for a few months, making sure to call our realtor fast when we saw a home with crisp and clear pictures that highlighted the functionality and beauty of the home. We wanted to get in to those homes quickly to put ourselves physically in the space after ruling out so many others just based on what we saw online.

What got our attention in the listings were the photographs.   We already had a very narrow search placed with our realtor, so we did not worry about sifting and reading through the details.  For two very busy business owners, we knew that our time was best spent visiting a home that checked off the majority of our wants in the pictures.

Professional photographs for your listing will come at a cost, but there is no question of the value.  Investing in professional photography means you are investing a professional photographer that has the appropriate equipment and the right technical and artistic skill to get crisp, high resolution shots of the home.