A picture is worth a thousand words. Most buyers are searching for their homes online before they even talk to a real estate professional. They’re scanning portals like zillow and realtor.com wishing and hoping for “The One.” This means that your listing is competing with not just homes that fit in the magazines that you’d pick up in the lobby of your local grocery store anymore, but hundreds. Staging is a tool to help your seller grab the attention and get their top dollar by giving that edge to the property.

Whether they know it or not, prospective buyers are looking for their agent or the seller to highlight the functionality of a space and call out special features that would be desirable. Staging is not solely about encouraging your homeowner to buy all new decor in the home because their current choices may be very eclectic or even, dated. If updating, a general rule of thumb is to go with neutrals so that you allow a buyer to envision their own personality in your space. Are the closets busting at the seams screaming lack of storage? Does the current layout of the couches and chairs in the living room feel crowded? Simplify.

Staging is more about highlighting the functionality then it is the fluff.

When you get down to the brass tacks, homes that are staged generally sell faster and for more money. Initially, some sellers just may not be up for the challenge but breaking down the numbers can help to spark the logic and motivation. There’s an opportunity here for the home to tell the story. Staging will give it a mic.