Your little bundle of joy is arriving soon and you just know that you’ve been wanting those sweet little smushy photographs of your tiny little angel.


You are in the right place at the right time because getting the details squared away for your newborn session now is certainly going to help out later! Typically, I schedule newborn sessions about a week after a mother’s due date. During this time, I’ll generally build some room into my schedule to make any quick modifications in case the baby decides to make his or her grand entrance earlier or later than expected! It’s best to schedule photography newborns between day four and day twelve of life to be able to get those squishy poses. There’s also a science behind the timing. Babies stay asleep longer during this time and are not as disturbed with movement.

It’s important to remain in close touch with the newborn photographer when scheduling a session for a little boy. In the event you plan on circumcising your baby, best to schedule the procedure immediately after birth to allow for the wound to heal. Otherwise, plan on scheduling the procedure for after our photo session. The goal is to help make sure that the baby is as comfortable as possible, especially when we pose him into those squishy and loveable positions. The general timeline for healing is between five to seven days.

Many times, we do have clients that would like to book a newborn session with their little peanut after they are two weeks old. What is important to note here is that babies after two weeks old are more alert, more awake and less likely to enjoy their clothes off, I mean-who doesn’t like to be warm and snuggly? I can’t blame these little sweet things! We’ll simply include more clothed, snuggled and basket shots in our session and gorgeous images will follow!

No matter what age, portraits of your little beauty are going to be incredible treasures for lifetimes to come. We are so excited and happy for you! Congratulations on your little one!!!