What should you wear for your maternity session? Do we have ideas for you!

First things first, congratulations!! What an exciting time! The fact that you’re here and reading this article makes us super excited to potentially be photographing you!

When it comes to choosing your outfits for your maternity session, we generally recommend bringing 2-3 separate outfits. Having two looks, a more formal and a more casual, is always most asked for! Disclaimer-we are focusing on our gals choices in this post, but don’t forget to coordinate your guy in as well. Some gals are interested in having their guy in some of the pictures and some are not-all personal preference. If you are, don’t forget to coordinate his outfits with your pickings!

When picking your casual look, don’t be afraid to be bold with some color! After all, this photography session is all about you and carrying this beautiful being inside of you! Though, we do recommend avoiding bold and heavy patterns. Trends come and go. Your best bet is keeping your choices simple. This will allow for you to have timeless photographs that stand the test of time.

A long flowy maxi dress could be a perfect option for your formal maternity session look! Remember, being as comfortable as possible is most important. For that reason, a chiffon maxi dress or something similar could be a great option. Maxi dresses are also very flattering as it’ll cover up what you don’t want visible and enhancing your natural curves!

For the mama’s-to-be that have seen those gorgeous maternity gowns and know that you absolutely need your maternity photos with these, we can help! We have a wonderful selection of maternity gowns for rent with your photography session! I absolutely love these show stopping gowns! They are so elegant, stunning and extravagant. Love, my theory is, you deserve to look and feel like a queen holding this beautiful bundle of joy. Why not go for it?!

Click here to see our selection! Approximate sizes are listed.

What is going to be comfortable for the mama’s, is to wear comfortable shoes or sandals at our session. We know that around your 8th month swollen feet and ankles are common and baby may just be getting comfortable in a rib that doesn’t make you comfortable! If you are comfortable in heels and the glam, then-rock it! Though, know that we are sensitive to the fact that comfort is key with Franchesca Fread Photography.

We are so excited for you and your budding family! Get in touch if you’d like to learn more about our maternity sessions or if you’d like to move forward in booking a date with us!

Love & hugs!