1. Natural and classic
Trends come and go. The best advice we could give is to go natural and classic when planning your outfits. Large and bold patterns could be hot today, but just like anything, the pendulum swings! In order to get that timeless look, go natural and classic.

2. Choose clothing that makes you feel comfortable
Listen, you are carrying a little being inside of you. No one expects you to send out super glam photos of you in Versace carrying at 8 months! With that said, plan realistically. Some mama’s-to-be schedule their sessions around 7 months because they are carrying faster than expected. Everyone’s body is different and everyone’s experience with pregnancy is different.

3. Plan your Maternity & Newborn Photography Sessions in advance
We know that this is no set due date for these little babies. They can come early or they can come late. Listen to your body and analyze the feedback from your doctors. If you plan your maternity photography sessions and newborn sessions with your trusted photographer in advance, they could build in some buffer timing around your scheduled due date in the event that plans change rapidly. Best to get in touch with your photographer now to schedule your maternity and newborn sessions so that you could ensure they are available!

4. Don’t forget to coordinate your guy’s clothing too!
Involving your guy in your maternity session is a personal preference. If you will be engaging him, you’ll want to make sure he is in compatible outfits for your outfits! For instance, best to not roll in with too many patterns. For that reason, if you are going with a solid maxi dress, he could potentially wear a small checkered polo or even a solid colored long sleeved polo with khakis.

5. Buy your maternity gown earlier than later
If you have seen those beautiful long, flowy maternity gowns on etsy or amazon and you’re thinking, “I’ve got to have one of those for my maternity shoot”, do not wait until the last minute! Many of those gowns could be in the $100+ range and many are made to order. You best bet is to review your gown options in advance so you have exactly which gown you want, when you need it.