A personal share!  And a very special share!  Will and I left went to enjoy and indulge in the beautiful California sunshine and sip divine Napa Valley amazingness.  We left Florida as boyfriend and girlfriend for 3 years and came back to Florida as fiances! We had been researching things to do and places to see in California and knew..just knew that Muir Woods was THE place we had to take some photos. Little did I know that we’d be engaged when we took them!  If you have not yet been to Muir Woods, this is a place that you must put on your map sometime in your life.  The redwoods were so wide and tall that we felt like little ants just marching down the paths.  Leave it to me with a tripod and my handy camera remote and BAM-we’re taking some photos!!  These photos are going down in history as the most cool place to take 24 hour after you get engaged photos! <3