Rachel and Josh are two lovebirds that were just meant to live their lives together!  We met down at Wynwood in Miami to get a little artsy fartsy with our bad selves!  Hats off to Josh.  He picked up the love of his life in a snap of a finger so we could twirl and spin and capture stunning photography!  Rachel is a OR Nurse and Josh is an ENT Dr. They met in Gainesville while Josh was completing his residency and the rest is history!  The amazing thing about this how Rachel became an FF Bride is that Josh and I went to high school together. Not only that, but we rocked in high school in the marching band…an award winning, state recognized marching band-thank you very much!  We are so thrilled that we were able to keep in touch and now, feeling like the most honored gal in the crowd to be able to capture these two beautiful souls committing their lives together in a few months!  Rachel, you are going to be the most stunning bride!  Josh, you lucky son of a gun-you won life with Rachel.  Rachel, you found one of the most dedicated, intelligent and caring people in this world.  Congratulations to you both!