Summer 2018 is here and Brittany and Zach are engaged!  We are so incredibly happy for these two sweethearts who just have tons of fun together and make each other smile and laugh constantly!  What a beautiful connection.

Love has budded, summer is here and so is the rain in Florida!  I have to say after now 6 years of photographing love, babies and families in all seasons, the rain this summer has been a force to reckon with!  Hats off to Brittany and Zach who were just so amazingly accommodating due to the weather, but even ecstatic to be up so super early in the morning to start our session at 7am to shoot just before another full day of pouring rain!  We love their excitement and commitment!  Our clients are simply THE BEST! #blessed

Brittany is such a fun, bubbly and happy woman!  No wonder why Zach fell in love with this beauty!  Our dewy morning was just stunning with the birds joyously chirping and the squirrels starting their early acorn hunt!  We were able to head to a beautiful flower patch and grab some amazing shots while Zach whisked Brittany in the air!  We then headed to my favorite part of the park, this dazzling curly tree with the most angelic moss hanging from all of its limbs.  Gosh, we’re so lucky to be able to see such brilliant scenes.

We’re so excited for your big day Brittany and Zach! Congratulations to a beautiful couple!