Behind Franchesca Fread Photography

A photograph has the amazing power to immortalize a moment in time…

capturing it forever.

At Franchesca Fread Photography, we make sure every unforgettable moment is eternalized through beautiful, moving and artistic photographs.

When you choose Franchesca and her team as your photographer, you are selecting a dedicated and talented team who cares deeply about our artistry. Our passion for creating amazing photography ensures that our work is always of the highest quality. With an extensive body of work, we combine artistic flair and technical skill to create amazing photographs.

We look forward to seeing you behind the lens!

Franchesca Fread Photography was merely a dream in 2010 and in 2012, that dream became a reality.  Since that June 2012 decision, we feel so lucky to be able to fill our cup every day creating beautiful images, cultivating long lasting relationships with our clients and capturing some of life’s most beautiful joys and celebrations!

Franchesca Fread Photography is built on the gift of love and all that love brings.  We believe in photos being the ultimate jewel for families.  This is why we do what we do.  Pictures have a way of bringing us back to a moment in time that captured us fully in happiness and elation. Being able to relive those special moments is simply, sensational.

Franchesca Fread Photography is built on the standard of excellence and being gracious human beings.

We believe in…

…Saying “please” and “thank you.”
…Holding doors open.
…Saying what we mean and meaning what we say.
…Being your unique self.
…Love, in all forms and in all ways.
Welcome to Franchesca Fread Photography!  Franchesca here and I’m a South Florida based photographer specializing in wedding and lifestyle photography.
My self taught photography journey started super young!  I remember taking bouquets that my dad would bring home for my mom and ask to take them outside in the natural light to photograph!  Fast forward 20 years and my fun became my love and passion!
At our session, we’re going to have fun.  We’ll chat and get to know each other!  I’ll be myself and you know that you could be yourself! Our sessions are relaxed and easy.  I’m all about in the moment photos.  My style is clean and light.   I am super passionate about everything I do.  My heart and soul go into everything I do, full throttle and I strive to give the best experience possible.
I love to joke around and try to crack smiles out of the faces in front my mine!  Get ready to have an awesome time!

Franchesca's Fun Fact #1

I'm not a recipe follower! So that means if you come over for dinner, know it could turn out reaaaally good or reaaaaally bad!

Franchesca's Fun Fact #4

I could recite Will Smith's, Just the Two of Us. Just drop me a beat and watch me take off.

Franchesca's Fun Fact #5

I'm a seafood junkie. Crab, salmon, grouper and sushi? Yes please and thank you!

Franchesca's Fun Fact #6

I love photographing love. It constantly reinvigorates my hope in humanity!

Franchesca's Fun Fact #7

I'm half Puerto Rican and half Ukrainian.

Franchesca's Fun Fact #8

Want to become instant friends? Open with zombie lingo and The Walking Dead and bam, instant BFFs.

Franchesca's Fun Fact #9

When I was little, I dreamed of being a ice skater, an astronaut, a salsa dancer and a photographer. I got one of them!

Franchesca's Fun Fact #10

I cannot roll my tongue. My Puerto Rican side of the family makes fun of me!

Franchesca's Fun Fact #11

I thank my lucky stars that I get to live my dreams in the land of the free.

Franchesca's Fun Fact #15

I have the most amazing and loving husband, William whom the moon and stars surround.

We have 2 cute little pups and lovingly refer to their daily shenanigans as The Adventures of Otis and Peanut!